Unit Size Guide

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Below are diagrams of common size units, within the units are placed scale sized furniture pieces and appliances. Now, we wouldn’t expect you to pack your unit this way, in fact you can fit a lot more stuff into a unit by being organized, but the diagrams below will help you imagine what these size units can hold. See our “Storage Tips” page for more helpful information.

The Handi 5×5 Unit

25 square feet
The size of the common closet

The Popular 10×10 Unit

100 square feet
About the size of a regular bedroom


The Large 10×20 Unit

200 square feet
About the Size of a one car garage. Can hold the items of your 3 bedroom house.

The Cozy 5×10 Unit

50 square feet
The size of the common closet

The Roomy 10×15 Unit

100 square feet
The size of the common close


The Extra-large 12×30 Unit

360 square feet
About the Size of a two car garage. Can hold the items of your 4 or 5 bedroom house.

Sizes of units (i.e 10×10) are for reference only. The actual square footage, width, and length, shape, height, and door placement of the unit may vary. Units are measured from the exterior dimensions, not the interior. It is always a good idea to have our managers help you inspect the unit before renting, so that you know you will be satisfied. The diagrams and descriptions on the page are also for reference only. Every effort has been made to give accurate information, however, every tenant’s situation is different so information is not guaranteed.

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